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DJ Culture is in a time of unrest…

A craft that once demanded genuine passion, talent, and

technical mastery, is in many cases forgotten and abandoned.

Although many are happy to witness and even profit from this

artistic degeneration, there are those who continue to oppose it.

A movement committed to preserving the values set by those

before them, and to further these standards for those that follow.

Introducing SUPERHERODJs, 


a powerful collective of extraordinary individuals,

assembled under one unified vision – to empower the

next generation and to restore balance to DJ culture.

Learn from some of the best DJs on this planet as they share techniques, personal tips

and their world-class signature routines – yours to download and master for yourself.


 Creative and skilful DJs have the power to entertain, to influence,

to change lives. Now is the time for…

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