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When battling Nedu Lopes won the Brazilian Red Bull 3Style Championship for 3 times (2010/2011/2012), runner-up world in 2010, 3rd place in 2011 and runner-up in 2012. We sat down with him to speak about the importance of DJ – knowledge, Brazilian Parties and his idols.

What are you currently working and focusing in this special situation?

Due this crazy pandemic situation I moved back to my hometown, Belo Horizonte, to stay home with my parents. When things are back to normal, I’ll return to São Paulo. So now I’m focused on organizing my things, trying to get back into production, cooking some beats, studying new techniques and trying to create new routines to record videos to share on my social channels. And, of course, I’m preparing some live streaming, like all DJs today! *laughing

You won the Red Bull 3Style Competition in Brasil 3times in a row! 
What makes a 3Style Set perfect for you?

In my opinion, speaking objectively: the balance between skills, selection of tracks and creativity.

How important do you consider it to share knowledge and who were your masters?

I think that sharing knowledge is very important for two reasons: because when you teach something, you are improving your own knowledge/skills and the DJ culture needs to be shared to stay alive.At the beginning of my career I did not have a master to teach me how to be a DJ… I basically learned by listening to DJs on radio and clubs and watching DMCs from the 90’s. To name a few of them, in Brazil: DJ Meme and DJ Cuca were great influences for me. And DMC DJs: DJ David (Germany) and, of course, DJ Q-Bert!

What is your current setup when you DJ, and what are the benefits of the components?

I like a lot of setups, but if I had to choose a main one, it would be: two turntables (Technics or PLX-1000) and the Pioneer DJ-S9 mixer. I use Serato and I feel very comfortable to explore all the features of the software with this configuration.

You ve been traveling and playing clubs many world wide. But what makes the Brazilian Club Scene special and unique?

I think that in Brazil people are very open minded. And for me, as a freestyle DJ, this is a very good thing! And they really like to party! It’s very common for a party to end at 6 am and people come to me and ask where is going to be the after-party!

And last but not least Time to name-drop. Who are you currently listening too?

Everything that pops up in my face! Especially live streams from my friends from all over the world. At least, we have this technology to make this period less tough.

Thanks for your time Nedu!

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